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Your farm. Your business. Your very livelihood. We are with you right here in the heartland and your success is our success. So, why not tap into our highly experienced team of banking professionals to help you create a game winning strategy to not only grow your business, but also to allow you the time and funding to execute your long-term future goals as well? The table is set for you to grow your business to be its very best. Which strategy is right for you?


Get the right loan to effectively grow your business from the ground up. At Table Grove State Bank our Ag Services experts and seasoned lenders can and will create an industry friendly financing package that is tailor made to exactly match your unique needs. And, payment schedules will be timed to precisely align with your cash flow as well. Many great options are on the table. Which is best for you? We can help you decide.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed-rate Loans

One to Seven Year Balloon-style Loans

Soybean field


We work together with Farm Service Agency to assist you and your operation to obtain financing. Whether it be your next new crop or expansion of an existing source of revenue, we're here to help bring the project together!

Farmers in field

Local Agricultural Banking Experts

Equipment and Livestock Loans

Farming is the very heart and soul of our nation. The belly too. The weather. The economy. And other strong external forces will provide plenty of sources for stress. Your bank should not be one of them. And we won’t be. Quite the opposite in fact.

We have plenty of equipment and livestock loan alternatives, flexibility and payment options to create customized agricultural banking solutions that are tailor made for your business as the crops and livestock you so meticulously tend to every single day. Many great options are on the table. Which is best for you? We are here to help!


Customer Service and Support for Your Farm

At Table Grove State Bank, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals will help you navigate the resources necessary to secure investments for Your Farm Future! We can help you create a strategy that elevates your farm and allows you the time and energy to execute your tasks and future planning goals! In addition to loan offerings, we provide resources for:

Soybean field

Future Planning

Cash Flow Agriculture

Cash Flow


Financial Services

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